Blue Balls Gear TShirts, Cancer

Blue Balls Gear TShirts, Cancer

Blue Balls Gear TShirts, CancerBlue Balls Gear TShirts, CancerBlue Balls Gear TShirts, Cancer

"Clothing with a Message!"

Partnering Enterprise with Charitable Cause for Mutual Benefit

% Shirt Sales for Cancer Awareness

Testicular Cancer Awareness

The Blue Balls Gear Philosophy

 Blue Balls Gear philosophy is to provide messaged clothing, apparel and accessories that appeals to a wide customer base where our products reflect identity, interest, and style of life and living for social interaction.

Our Mission

"Blue Balls Awareness Month" and "Pair in the Air" T-shirts carry the message for increased awareness of men's testicular cancer. With each purchase of a T-shirt, Blue Balls Gear has agreement to provide donation to   (TCS) to promote cancer awareness. TShirts, Cancer testicular cancer awareness online shopping

Our Personal Thank You!

 We appreciate every purchase and consider each purchase to have a purpose. Please wear our products proudly and together let's help promote awareness and open the discussion.

Every year, in the U.S., an estimated 8500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer and 350 die from the disease. That averages to every hour of every day some man hears, “You have testicular cancer.” This issue is generally not brought into a man's radar because it is just not talked about.